Camenzind Evolution AG, Zürich 



Project Brief

A vacant lot measuring 210000m2 on the periphery of Moscow is set to become the new home of the Creative Settlement project. The project represents a new form of urban settlement that specifically caters to the creative industry. The «Creative Settlement» offers working, living, study and recreational areas that reflect the needs and visions of the members of the Creative Class. Camenzind Evolution was commissioned to manage the process Enabling Spaces (developed and implemented by theLivingCore) that goes beyond architecture and design to enable an understanding of the project’s underlying social and knowledge/innovation factors and their relationships. 


Instead of simply depicting architectural solutions, MM+M opted for illustrating the various layers of relationships, intersections and dynamics that exist inside the assignment’s framework. By closely collaborating with the architects and theLivingCore, MM+M has designed visualizations that reveal these complex structures. These visualizations serve as early, rough design sketches for the «Creative Settlement». The design sketches can also be found in the portfolio for the «Creative Settlement» – a sketch book developed by MM+M that reflects the project’s spirit on several layers and particularly highlights the process of research.